An Introduction

I guess this is the place where I talk about myself. Luckily, I'm like, the best at self-aggrandizement.

Mostly, I'm a writer. Sometimes fiction, sometimes software. Once, on a scholarship application in high school, I tried to make the case that writing the former meant I'd be good at the latter. I was full of crap, but I got the scholarship. The two aren't very similar, though they have some crossover. I definitely think there's overlap between software user experience design and writing a marketable novel, but that's a subject for another time (can't waste all my good ideas on the first post after all).

My favorite writers are Cormac McCarthy (because I like beautiful prose about ugly things, and long monologues in half-translated Spanish), Neil Gaiman (because American Gods blew my mind and he is a master at creating a mood with a sentence), and Guy Gavriel Kay (because his name sounds made-up and his fantasies seem real).

I like listening to Yo-Yo Ma, the Civil Wars, and Josh Groban (that sound you are hearing is my wife rolling her eyes at that last one). My favorite movie is No Country For Old Men, but the movie that makes me happiest is Waking Ned Devine. Or Cool Runnings. Or Muppet Treasure Island (a lesser Muppet movie, I know, but Tim Curry covers a multitude of post-Jim Henson sins).

I love to read (occupational hazard), play video games, and teach high schoolers how to stab each other with swords. And, from a very young age, to craft stories. 

If you want to chat about why C# is the best programming language, discuss which company makes the best foil blade, or debate which is funnier, Good Omens or Hitchhiker's Guide, find me on Twitter @wlgoodwater.

And with a little time and a lot of luck, in the future find my writing at your nearest bookstore.