An Announcement and Gratitude

If you've made it this far, this announcement is probably not news, but you'll have to forgive me the excited repetition: BREACH is going to be published! My first novel will be released in November 2018 from Ace.

It is hard to really explain how this feels. I've been working on being published for a long time. Not just writing: getting a novel published. I decided a while ago on this goal. 10 or so years later, 6 manuscripts later, countless rejections and disappointments later, here I am. I didn't get here by myself.

Thank you to everyone who read one of my manuscripts, even in their roughest form.

Thank you to my wife, my first reader and editor, who gave me time to spend at the keyboard when I could have been far more useful to society.

Thank you to all the writers whose stories percolated in my brain and eventually became BREACH.

Thank you to my agent Jen (@suddenlyjen) for taking a chance on this book and this author (side note: I get to call myself 'author' now, not just 'writer'!).

Thank you to Rebecca at Ace (@RebeccaTheGeek) for giving BREACH a home surrounded by amazing talent.

And lastly, a preemptive thanks to anyone who picks up this book and thinks, "Sure, why not." I hope you are numerous and not disappointed.